Introducing PD Music

Introducing PD Music


Besides my medications, music is the most important tool I use to manage my Parkinson's. I use it for everything, and I tell my students to do the same. 

Can't move? Turn on your iPod. Feeling anxious or down? Blast your stereo. Whether jump starting your morning, helping you through household chores, and or powering your walk, music can be a constant well of energy. One of my students told me he even plays music in the shower because it helps him wash himself faster and with more coordination.

If I were the president of the National Institute of Health, I would mandate that every new person diagnosed with Parkinson's get a pamphlet on the disease and a new iPod. Music is that significant for us PWPs.

So naturally, there's no way this website could be complete without a music page. 

Some of the playlists on the page will have specific applications (i.e. powering your gait, warming up for more rigorous exercise) but for the most part they are mixes to enjoy and help PWPs move.

Click the link to take a look:

PD Music