Section 3

In the third section we are going to move in three different groups. You are in group 2 and you are seated in the middle most chair:

[Picture of Pam in chair]

This section is the most complex, so expect that it will take you longer to learn this section it took you to learn sections 1 and 2. Good luck!

Section 3 Part 1:

For part one of section three you are going to follow the “Ooh Aahs!,” with there being four “Ooh Aahs” in total.

  1. On the first “Ooh Aah!” you do a side-to-side motion

  2. On the second “Ooh Aah!” you do the same side-to-side motion

  3. On the third “Ooh Aah!” your hands go up, and then begin to shake, and come down

  4. By the fourth “Ooh Aah!” you have your hands all the way down and they are shaking more

Set to music it will look like this:

Why don’t you try it:

When you feel comfortable with part one, move onto part 2.

Part 2:

While we used “Ooh Aahs” to structure our movement in part one, for the second part we will need to return to counting in order to time our movements. For the first two measures of eight we are going to be moving your arms frantically, in any way, any direction. For the next two measures of eight you are going to hold a different body part with each “Ooh Aah!” You can hold any body part you want as long as you are switching positions in time with the “Ooh Aahs!”.

All together this part will look like this:

Now that you’ve watched it, go ahead and try performing it with me. Make sure you are practicing counting as well as moving.

So all together there are four measures of eight, and they will look like this:

Finally, practice combining parts one and two of section three.

Now let’s try to combine parts one and two of section three:

[Video #13]

Part 3

The third part of section 3 begins as soon as you hear the xylophone, and for this section you will also need to count. When you hear the xylophone you are going to stay frozen in whatever position you where just in for one measure of eight. On the second measure of eight you are going to stand up while looking to out to your right for the first four counts (1… 2… 3… 4…), look out across the horizon for the second four counts (5… 6… 7… 8…), switch hands on the third measure (1… 2… 3… 4…), and look out across the horizon again for the last four counts (5… 6… 7… 8…). On the fourth measure you sit down over the first four counts and pump your hands in the air over the last four counts.

It will look like this:

[Video #16]

Try performing it yourself:

[Video #16]

Once you are comfortable with part three of section three you can move into practicing all of section three together:

[Video #17]

Finally, once you feel confident you have section three down, you can combine it with sections one and two:

[Video #18]