PD Morning Moves is a light morning movement routine that sends you into your day centered and energized. Around twelve minutes long, it combines elements of dance, fitness, and voice training to raise your bodily awareness and combat the morning sluggishness of Parkinson's Disease.

Think of the routine as meditation for your body and voice. Moving to the music will wake up your body and help you find a sense of physical grace and control, and the interactive and expressive vocalizations will imbue you with a sense of emotional empowerment.



What to Expect


Before you begin PD Morning Moves, take a quick look at the different types of exercises we will be doing together to warm up our bodies and voices. Understanding what to expect will allow you to follow along easier.


Stretching and Extending

Stretching & Extending: We will be stretching and extending different parts of our bodies through out the routine to promote range of motion and loosen-up our bodies.





Slapping and Rubbing

Slapping & Rubbing:  We will be slapping and rubbing different parts of our bodies to promote circulation. This will also wake us up!







Vocal & Facial Expressions:  We will be using exaggerated expressions to exercise our voices, combat facial masking, and take us outside of ourselves. The vocalizations are meant to be a little outlandish and fun, so really let yourself loose! The more emotive you are the better. This part is especially fun if you are doing the routine with someone.




Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes/Categories: We will be combing nursery rhymes with movement and gestures to wake-up our hand and test our brains. 






Miscellaneous Movements

Miscellaneous Movements: Through out the routine there will be movements of different shapes, sizes, and character. They warm-up the body and give PD Morning Moves personality.