To begin PD Morning Moves, you'll need a few things:

  1. To be seated in a chair without arms. You should have enough room to move your arms freely
  2. To have the video at full-screen on your computer
  3. To have the volume on your computer turned-up. Use speakers if you have them, the music is a big part of PD Morning Moves.

Mirror each motion I make. From the beginning to the end I will guide you through each transition. The routine will start slow, and pick-up pace as we go further. Follow me the best you can.  If I go too fast, slow down; if you need a break, take one, and join back in when you're ready.

If you get frustrated at any point, that's fine. Take note of it and tell me about it the survey. All of your critiques and compliments will go towards making PD Morning Moves better. But don't think too hard! Please enjoy the routine first and think about improvements second.

I'm excited for you to try this, I think you will like it!

When you are finished click on the survey button at the bottom of the page. Your opinion is super important to me, and I will do my best to incorporate your feedback into PD Morning Moves.


PD Morning Moves