Welcome to Our World (2010)

A chronicle of personal PD events exploring feelings of denial and acceptance.

2010 World Parkinson's Congress Video Competition Winner


With Grace (2013)

Two people--partners, friends, earthly, and unearthly figures--reflect on a new diagnosis and what it may bring.

featuring David Leventhal (Dance for PD)

2013 World Parkinson's Congress Video Competition Finalist


Neurodance: A UPDRS Experience (2016)

An artistic rendition of the UPDRS, and the feelings that come with wondering how far your PD has progressed.

2016 World Parkinson's Congress Video Competition Finalist, Opened the 2016 American Academy of Neurology Conference


Group Pieces



PUNCH! A Movement Order (2009)

A circus inspired, dance-march performed exclusively by people with Parkinson's. Performed for Parkinson's Awareness Month in the lobby of the United Nations (without their permission).


PD: A Percussion Discussion (2018)

Nine people with Parkinson's and nine without put on an impressive and delightful performance to a stream of beating drums at the 2018 Parkinson's Unity Walk.