PD Outliers: A New Interview Series

When we study history we analyze outstanding figures: Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr.. In science, we ponder the genius of Newton and Einstein. And in the arts, we examine Mozart and Picasso.

Why not do the same when we study people with Parkinson’s? We stand to learn a great deal from outliers, those patients who have successfully managed a disease that usually debilitates. If we can discover common denominators among these patient outliers—whether in treatment, lifestyle, or attitude (or all three)—we may be able to use their methods to help us improve our own lives.

This is the idea behind PD Movement Lab’s new interview series PD Outliers. In each installment, I’ll interview a top performing Parkinson’s patient to discover the habits, tricks, and treatment strategies that they use to combat their PD. In the coming months we’ll take a look at marathon runners, thrill-seeking travelers, and balance experts, all with PD, all finding unique ways to defy the disease. Some interviews will be presented in a written format, others in the form of a podcast. But no matter the medium, each installment will yield concrete methods, ways of thinking, and tips you can take away to better manage your PD.



Existing Installments of PD Outliers


PD Outlier 001: God, 40 Years of PD, and Self-Care with Japan's Dr. Yoshiko Okada
PD Outlier 002: 
John Ball—The Iron Man of Parkinson's: Getting Through Early Onset PD, Customizing Medication, and the Athletic Mindset
PD Outlier 003:
David Blatt: The Balance Doctor
PD Outlier 004:
Reducing Symptoms Through Cycling, Tackling the Wild with PD, And More—Nan Little
PD Outlier 005:
Maximizing Strength & Customizing DBS - Weightlifting Coach & Veteran Gary Pauley



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