Ooh Aah! Section 1

This section will run 58 seconds long, and in it we will combine speaking and movement.

We begin sitting in the chair with our hands up. When the music begins we wait to hear the first “Ooh Aah!,” and then on the second “Ooh Aah!” we join in, pushing forward and saying “Ooh!,” and then pulling back saying “Aah!.” We repeat this movement three times. It will look like this:


Now try performing that yourself…


Good. The next series of movement is going to be a bit longer and a bit more complex. After you finish with the three “Ooh Aahs!”, your next three moves are to:

  1. Quickly protect yourself with your hands in front of your face, and hold it for a moment

  2. Melt down to the ground all the way, so that your hands are hanging by your feet

  3. You stay down with hanging hands until you hear a drumroll, at which points your hands begin to shake and you begin to come up with shaking hands, until your hands are shaking in front on your face.

The section finishes with you doing “Ooh Aah!” four times with shaky hands. Altogether section one will look like this:

Now try performing the entire section with me: