“Ooh Aah!” Section 2

Counting Music:

In order to perform section 2 correctly (in addition future parts of the dance) you will have to have a basic understanding of how to count music. More specifically, you will have to understand how to count measures of eight. This will allow you to know where you are in the dance, and when to perform different movements. Counting music is a relatively simple skill to learn, but for those who have not done it before it may require a little bit of practice. Below is a video demonstrating how to count measures of eight.


Once you get the hang of counting measures of eight you can move onto learning section two.

Section 2

Section 2 of “Ooh Aah!” happens over four measures of eight. For the first measure of eight you are going to go down and stay down in this position:

#05.2 Down for First Measure.png

Over the second, third, and fourth measures of eight you are going to pop-up a total of three times whenever you want. Popping-up should look like this:


When you put that all together, section 2 will look like this:

Keep in mind that this section of the dance is improvised, which means when you pop-up over the second, third and fourth measures is up to you, as long as you pop-up three times. This means the people around you will be popping up at different times like in this video below:

When you practice section 2, try practicing it multiple times, improvising popping-up at slightly different times with each rehearsal. Now that you have seen section 2, and understand how to count, try performing section 2 along with me:

When you feel confident in your ability to perform section 2, then you can move on and practice performing sections one and two together:

Repeat this as many times as you need to to get the hang of it.